L`viv Consulting Group


L`viv Consulting Group (LCG) is a Lviv based Executive Recruitment firm, offering quality and cost effective talent acquisition solutions to local and international businesses operating in Western Ukraine.

Over the last twelve years we help our clients to acquire and retain talent for top to mid level positions and experienced professionals for hard to fill technical roles in

  •   Manufacturing
  •   Engineering
  •   Material Supply
  •   Logistics
  •   Export/Import
  •   Sales and Marketing
  •   Accounting
  •   Administration

L`viv Consulting Group distinguishes among other recruiting firms by our consultants` individual approach both to clients and prospective candidates. It helps our clients to acquire the best possible employees. We value long-term relations based on mutual trust, efficient work and confidentiality.

We provide custom-tailored solutions to retain and develop employees through our management team audits, performance management systems and employee appraisals.

We have deep knowledge of the market. Our consultants are trained and knowledgeable in their area of expertise. We apply advanced, time proven methodologies to search and evaluate talent, and we are proud of our successful projects. 

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