Review of labour market in Western regions of Ukraine, may 2011


Here you can see a review of labour market in Western regions of Ukraine, may 2011

The report can be used to:
  • Identify  market  rates  for  different positions, e.g., top or mid   level  managers,  professionals  in  finance, engineering; skilled and semiskilled worker, like equipment adjuster or line operator;
  • Compare and adjust the pay system in response to changing pay rates of relevant competitors
  • Learn  and adjust to market tendencies regarding policies in salary and bonuses administration, provision of additional incentives etc.                                                                                             
Report structure:

 - General information about Survey respondents

  •  Ownership Structure: 100% Foreign Capital, Ukrainian Capital, Joint Venture
  •  Type of manufacturing operation
  •  Size: headcount

 - Pay policy tendencies, 2010-2011

  •   Changes in headcount in 2011 in comparison to 2010
  •   Pay Increase/Decrease in comparison to 2010
  •   Reasons to review/increase pay 
  •   Grounds to pay bonuses
  •   Benefits structure

 - Monthly base salary (net/brutto), bonus and additional benefits for

  •   Top to middle management positions
  •   Specialists
  •   Manual workers

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