Information for Job Seekers regarding personal data processing


Dear Job Seeker,


The law of Ukraine On Protection of Personal Data (№ 2297-VI) will come into action on January 1, 2012. The law also protects the job seeker personal information in recruitment firm data bases.


We kindly ask you to grant consent for personal data processing by including it in the resume you are sending to Lviv Consulting Group:


E.g. I  agree that Lviv Consulting group will collect and process my personal information from my letters, CV and etc. for internal use only and without any external publication to third persons or institutions, under the law of Ukraine № 2297-VI  of June 1, 2010.


Thus, you grant Lviv Consulting Group the right to collect, process, save, renew and protect personal information in the data base of resumes.


We will not publish your personal information in the internet, nor will we make it available to the third parties (potential employees) or institutions without asking for your prior consent.


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