The fourth Labour Market Index, results


West Ukrainian EBA Branch together with Lviv Consulting Group continued to monitor the labour market of Western Ukraine in March 2013. The fourth Labour Market Index emphases spring changes and tendencies in selection, maintenance and retention of employees, as well as in managing of HR processes in different areas of business compared to the previous Labor Market Index survey.

Main trends:

During the last 6 months there was a strong tendency to increase headcount: 56% respondents planned to create new jobs. Less than 10% respondents planned head count reduction.

Demand for line managers decreased threefold.  Respondents did not indicate availability of top level vacancies.

Compared to the previous survey average turnover in manufacturing companies increased by 3 %, and in service companies - by 1, 5%-2 %.

In March 2013 the Labor Market Index went up only by 0, 03 points compared to November 2012 and was at the level of 3, 01. This is the evidence that the labor market continues to be unstable. However, individual components of the Labor Market Index have changed: a smaller percentage of neutral marks – the companies started to pay more attention to the labor market; increased competition for qualified employees; number of companies ready to save on employee’s related expenses increased by 40%.

 You are welcome to review key findings of the Labor Market Index.

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