Fourth Summer HRWorkchop: speakers, participants, presentations


On June 10th 2014 Lviv Consulting group together with HDPartners welcomed participants of the Fourth HR Workshop. We have invited speakers already well known from previous HR workshops, among them were Anna Vlasova (INSPIRA), Renata Chuchmai from SoftServe, Irina Gnutova (HRM) and Halyna Dzyadyk (Lviv Consulting group). The participants enjoyed presentations by new speakers: Olga Berezhna (MTS), Tetiata Mikhnova (St. Paraskeva Medical Center), Tetiana Pashkina (, Oksana Abramenko (Lviv Consulting Group) and Ksenia Medynska  (Plast).


This year the HR workshop embraced various themes and cases from different areas of business.


The major trend was enhancement of HR competencies and self development!


Anna Vlasova and Renata Chuchmai emphasized that HR managers had to understand Self, develop and learn how to function in the period of quick, constant changes. In this way the HR manager would assist the business to quickly adjust to HR challenges in the turbulent market.  “First the crisis starts in managers’ heads, not in the business”.


Irina Gnutova analyzed main trends of the HR market and pointed out problems faced by HR managers. “The new turbulent environment calls for complex knowledge and new competencies to be mastered by HR specialists”


Innovations – this is another trend of the workshop!

Olga Berezhna shared her experience of implementing a new Open Space Office concept. The project’s goal, among others, was to engage and retain employees, to create the working space that helped to balance employees work and personal lives.


Oksana Abramenko and Halyna Dzyadyk shared the case of performing  the psychometric testing by retail chain employees as part of the personnel assessment effort. The online testing proved very helpful in assessment of employees specific competencies, development potential and training needs, as well as in defining of a new  organizational structure.


Value based management and succession planning are in the focus of HR managers attention in many fields of business. Tetiana Mikhnova presented her experience as general manager in recruitment, assessment, retention and engagement of highly qualified  medical professionals.


The presentation by Tetiana Pashkina on the survey made by tackled  an acute problem of 40+ job seekers unemployment,  why they could become valuable and loyal employees.


Ksenia Medynska described activities of the Scout Plast organization and it’s potential to bring up young people with high standard human, social and Christian values.

Looking forward to the Fifth HR Workshop next year!

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