The 7th Labour Market Index, results


EBA Western Ukrainian Branch together with Lviv Consulting Group are presenting results of the Seventh Wave of Western Ukraine Labour Index conducted in September 2014. In view of the economic situation in the country and future parliamentary elections, our goal was to identify main trends and dynamics of the labour market and compare them with the previous wave indices.      


 Main highlights:


  • The military conflict in the East of Ukraine has influenced 62% of manufacturing companies in Western Ukraine - some employees were mobilized into the army.

  • 36 % of companies are going to reduce headcount by the end of the year, these include banks, IT companies, machine building, food, textile and wood processing companies.

  • In the market there is demand for mid level production supervisors, sales managers, design engineers, accountants, with experience 3+ years. 

  •  42% businesses will review employees pay levels to compensate inflation and  hard currency exchange rates.

  •  Salaries in manufacturing companies went up 8 - 12% , and service providers cut down salaries by 5-7 %.

  • 78% of businesses focus HR management efforts on enhancing employees performance while reducing labor and external training costs. 

Compared to April 2014, Labour market Index in September 2014 went down by 0.02 and is at the level of 3.05. Thus, the labour market is still unstable.


You are welcome to review key findings of the Labor Market Index.

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