Annual Pay Survey of manufacturing companies operating in Western Ukraine.

Lviv Consulting Group extends an invitation to companies to participate in the annual Pay Survey of manufacturing companies operating in Western Ukraine.

We did not conduct a pay survey at the end of 2013 due to the events in the Maidan. Aggravated inflation is a good reason to conduct the current pay survey. We would like to provide employers with reliable and objective data on pay levels to make informed decisions.

We plan to conduct the survey in a very short period of time: two weeks. The deadline to fill in questionnaires is December 5th,2014.

Based on information received we will create a report by December 15th and make it available to participants in the current year. The pay Survey report will include pay levels divided by industries and regions, in the Ukrainian and in the English languages.

Functions to be benchmarked:

Manufacturing: Head of Production, Production Manager, Production Planning Specialist, Production Supervisor

Engineering: Head of Engineering/Chief Engineer, Manufacturing/ Process Engineer, Industrial Engineer, Design Engineer, Maintenance Engineer

Manual workers: Machine Set up, Mechanic/ Electrician, Welder/Milling Machine Operator, Assembler/ Operator, Line Inspector, Warehouse Worker, Fork Lift Driver,

Quality Control: Quality Control manager, Quality Specialist

Logistics & Purchasing: Logistics Manager, Warehouse Manager, Purchasing Specialst, Customs Declaration Specialist

Human Resourses: HR Manager, Compensation Specialist, Administration Specialist, Recruiter, Training & Development

Finance & Accounting: Finance Director,  Chief Accountant, Financial Analyst, Accountant

Sales: Head of Sales, Regional Sales Representative, Sales Agent


The survey process:

Those interested to participate will receive a questionnaire, job descriptions and a form to fill in data on base salary and variable compensation plus explanations. Information will be gathered and processed by Lviv Consulting Group. Participant’s proprietary information will be used by Lviv Consulting Group exclusively for the purposes of this survey. We are ready to sign a non-disclosure agreement with each participant. 


Report structure:

  • General information about Survey respondents : Ownership Structure, Type of manufacturing operation,  headcount
  •  Pay policy tendencies in comparison to previous periods

                Changes in headcount in 2014

                Pay Increase

                Reasons to review pay          

                Grounds to pay bonuses

                Structure of additional incentives

  • Gross monthly base salary, bonuses and total annual compensation for

               top to middle management positions

              white collar workers

              blue collar workers

An example of statistic data to be presented in the final report
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