The 8th Labour Market Index, results


EBA Western Ukrainian Branch together with Lviv Consulting Group are presenting the results of the 8th Wave of Western Ukraine Labour Index conducted in March 2015. In view of the economic situation in the country, our goal was to identify the main trends and dynamics of the labour market and to compare them with the previous wave indices.



 Main highlights:


  • 15 %  of companies are going to reduce headcount

  • Companies are looking  for sales specialists, engineers, marketing specialists, accountants and IT specialists with 3 +years of experience. There is a pronounced demand for line managers and semi-skilled labour by production companies. 

  • 56% of respondents are ready to increase employees’ pay during three months to cover inflation rate and local currency devaluation

  • Average pay level of workers, specialists and middle managers in manufacturing companies increased by 11%-13%. This is a general tendency, though a few companies increased pay by up to 30% for all employees. 

  • Free mobile connection remains the most popular incentive favoured by manufacturing and service companies. Manufacturing companies complemented subsidized meals and transportation to a work place by medical insurance and flexible working hours.


Labour market Index in March 2015 is at the level of 3.46. Thus, the labour market is still unstable but demonstrates positive trends for employers, namely, relatively low salaries if calculated in hard currency and lower employee related expenses.

You are welcome to review key findings of the Labor Market Index.

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