The 11th Labour Market Index, results


EBA Western Ukrainian Branch together with Lviv Consulting Group keep monitoring the labor market of Western Ukraine and are happy to share with you results of the 11th Wave, Western Ukraine Labour Index, conducted in June 2016. 

The survey’s objective was to identify major trends and dynamics of the labour market and to compare them with the previous wave indices.


Main highlights:


  • 20% less companies are ready to invest in employees training and development

  • More participants compete for potential employees in the market with employers from outside of Ukraine; this is today an issue for large production companies in machine building, automotive, food processing industries and in agriculture 

  • Demand for skilled and semi-skilled labor increased threefold, e.g. mechanical technicians, electricians, welders, millers, locksmiths, machine fitters, waiters, call center operators, receptionists and sales agents

  • Pay levels of non-skilled and skilled labor increased by 20%-35%; administrative clerks and middle level managers in production and service companies now enjoy a higher pay (by 18-20%).

  • Since beginning of 2016 62% of companies have increased pay by 7%-15%. Among them at least 25% plan to review pay levels one more time during the year.

Labour market Index in June 2016 went up by 0.11 since February 2016 and is at the level of 2,98.


The labor market is unstable or neutral for employers. The survey participants believe market salaries and employee related costs are still very attractive for businesses, though it becomes more difficult for employers to find and hire qualified candidates in the market.


You are welcome to review key findings of the Labor Market Index.


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