The 12th Labour Market Index, results


EBA Western Ukrainian Office together with Lviv Consulting Group keep monitoring the labor market of Western Ukraine and are happy to share with you results of the 12th Wave, Western Ukraine Labour Index, conducted in February 2017.

Labour market Index in February 2017 went down by 0.20 since 2016 and was at the level of 2,78. The labor market remained unstable or neutral for employers. The survey participants believe the pool of qualified candidates in the market is shrinking, the competition for talents increases and market salaries are going up as well.

Key facts that describe labour market:

1.      We observe an increase in number of companies competing for people with employers from abroad.

2.      There is a pronounced and stable trend to increase personnel.  74% of participants have plans to increase head count.

3.      Workers (skilled labour), core business specialists and non-skilled labour are currently on demand at the market

4.      Increase of the official minimal salary level to 3200 uah has impacted only 17% of respondents: Metal working, Textile, Training and Consulting service providers. They had to establish higher salaries for certain groups of employees starting on January 1, 2017. Most of the companies paid their employees more than 3200 before that’s why this reform didn’t influenced on them.

5.      Flexible working hours, subsidized meals and sport/recreation facilities become more popular benefits not only with service providers, but also among production companies.


You are welcome to review key findings of the Labor Market Index.
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