"What is the cost of your services for the job seeker?"
Our services for individual job seekers are free. We are retained by the client whom we help to find an ideal candidate. Our fee from the client will be a percentage of your new annual salary.

"How can I submit my resume?"
You input your data and upload the resume while on LCG website or give us a call to make an appointment for an interview. We prefer to conduct interviews from 11:00 through 14:00. LCG’s working hours are 9:30 through 18:00, so you can choose the best suitable time.

"Do you guarantee confidentiality?"
We at L’viv Consulting Group respect the job seeker’s right for confidentiality. Your information will be disclosed only after your prior consent and only with the purpose to find a new job for you.

"Can I submit my resume to other recruiting agencies?"
We have an excellent reputation among our clients as providers of good-quality candidates. Read testimonials by our clients. We would like to be your sole agency. If you decide to submit your resume simultaneously to other agencies, please let us know.

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