Foreign Trade Expert

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Foreign Trade Expert

Support the business with knowledge of international trade policies and laws, tariff and supply chain process, as well as local commercial laws, and resolve trade, industry data issues:

  • Develop the performance of exports and import operations;
  • Review and approve import and export documentation for compliance with regulations;
  • Monitor the balance according to the tolling system rules;
  • Evaluate information, events or processes to determine compliance with laws, regulations or standards;
  • Document/record import/export operations in written or electronic form;
  • Ensure all personnel involved in the importing and exporting of goods acts in compliance with government imposed regulations and procedures.

  • High technical knowledge and skills on international trade, tariff and supply chain;
  • 2 to 5 years of experience in export/import operations, preferably in businesses with the tolling system;
  • Experience working with trade bodies like chambers of commerce, customs brokers etc on international trade
  • English at the advanced level
  • Familiarity with local commercial laws
  • Proficiency in use of word processing, spreadsheet, and database applications.
Компанія пропонує:
  • The company provides competitive salary and incentives, trainings and professional development in a Western style manufacturing environment.
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