Business Intelligence/ Market Analyst

Проект завершено
Business Intelligence/ Market Analyst
  • University degree in Economics / Finance / Maths / Statistics or Marketing
  • Experience in analyzing products, prices and competitors in the market, interpreting data, preparing reports and graphical data presentations
  • Experience in eCommerce, internet projects will be a plus
  • Good knowledge of statistical analysis
  • Analyse market prices of competitive products, track key trends in the market including eCommerce and compare them with the company data
  • Design, keep and update analytical anbd marketing data bases
  • Prepare and distribute regular (weekly, monthly) analytical reports
  • Make recommendations to improve sales, customer acquisition and retention, reduce churn, support development of new sales packages, products and services
Компанія пропонує:
  • Official employment
  • Decent salary plus annual bonus
  • Attractive compensation package
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або Тел/Факс: (032) 2971390, 2971903
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